Welcome to Fresh Fire!

Life experiences and encounters can dim, even extinguish, the fire that burns on the altar of our hearts,┬ácausing one’s passion and zeal for the things of God to wane. Fresh Fire was birthed out of a longing,┬ánecessity and desperation keep the fire burning!

Fresh Fire Friday – Every 4th Friday of each Month

Who We Are

Fresh Fire is a dynamic spirit-filled worship gathering where the sole purpose is to encourage, empower and equip worshipers to authentically live for Christ and in relationship with one another.

Our Mission

To minister to the hearts, souls and spirits of those who desperately seek to (re)kindle and ignite the fire within. To help people (re)discover the joy of authentically serving and loving Jesus, and to help them along the path of restoring the joy of their salvation!

The Vision

To see joy restored, passion ignited and FIRE burning in the hearts of the People of God!


A monthly worship gathering where the word of God is taught in a fresh, relevant and real way so that people receive it, are empowered by it and are equipped to serve God and make a difference in the world and the lives others.


A quarterly gathering of dynamic, authentic, anointed, spirit-led, spirit-driven and spirit-filled worship where the sole purpose is to see, experience and encounter the power of God in a fresh way. Come, Experience the Fire!

We Want to Hear From You!

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